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, and over burdensome regulations on our farmers. make sure we keep our promise to seniors on medicare, as well as make sure we support our military and support the niagara falls -- also have to make sure we balanced the budget the right way. i've been so blessed to live the american dream. just like my mom and dad by starlight together in a trailer in the shadows of the steel plant. i promise to continue to be strong independent voice and a fighter to make sure everyone in this great country has the same shot i take it that's my commitment to you. collins: well, good evening. i'm chris collins. i'm running for congress to do my part to help restore the promise of the american dream for our children and our grandchildren. our country is at a tipping point. my granddaughter turned one just last saturday. she has $52,000 of debt. federal debt at her feet. my two kids in college are worried they're not going to have a job when they graduate. that's unacceptable. my 85 year-old mom is worried she's going to lose her medicare advantage. i know better and i think you know better, we have to
devastating cuts and virtually every program in the medicare as we know it right now major cuts in pell grants, major cuts in nutrition programs and i have no doubt. john as i understand it wanted to go even further to see the deficit reduction to do it not on the backs of the elderly, the sec and the poor and that is by asking the wealthiest people and the largest corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes. i was talking about it gets us to solve that problem over a period of ten years. i thought ten years was too long basically. that was not an endorsement of every single item in the budget but the direction is going in, and whether or not i would support cutting if i supported that the budget i don't know. i have to look at the budget and see what cuts are necessary, but the most important point to remember is this. half of the budget is reform of the tax code to get the economy flat in the tax rates, lower the rates or on the base deutsch a trillion dollars of credits and the major corporations might take advantage to get the economy going and get revenues back up, get people b
. but senator, you keep bringing up that my plans within medicare it would end social security. no, they want. and if you read the plan you would see that. another point that you brought up is endorsed the ryan plan. no, i said they were plans. at least if they have a forward thinking and the courage to bring out various plans. which few people in your party on how we get social security secure, how we get medicare secure let's take these plans and have an adult discussion because we cannot continue the very near hitting the sand but there's been many things you've said that tom smith said we've never -- i've never said that. i am speaking for my plan, written plan, so please take a look at the plan and then you will see that i don't want to and social security for seniors. it emphatically states that seniors on it now i will do nothing. that will be protected. that's between the government and the them. that's protected. but all i had some plans that will save it for the long haul and i will end at that. you're very gracious with time. smith: de leggitt rebuttal time? >> moderator: how much
the democratic platform, what it stands for, glad democratics brought the country, social security, medicare, affordable care act. good things have been done by democrats, but i'm not driven by ideology. nothing in the record suggests i'm an ideolog or partisan hack. i sponsoredded legislation that led to the three ring binder project, a bipartisan project that brought fiberoptic cables to rural maine. i worked with republicans and democrats, in the race to make a difference, and i will put the interest of maine people ahead of any party ideologies. to suggest you have values or belong to a team that you somehow don't care about people is just really outrageous, and, of course, as you see from tonight's debate, being independent doesn't mean anything other than you don't have a group. >> moderator: have to wrap it up there, mr. dalton? dalton: the two parties, what america did was make the two parties too big to fail, voting for the lesser of two evils, that's ridiculous in my point of view. when i walked down the state, i got signatures myself, talk to the people who signed by petition to g
and medicare in a portable care act. they're really good things that have been done by democrats. but i am not driven by ideology. in fact, nothing in the record suggests that i am ideologue or a partisan. i sponsored legislation that was a bipartisan effort. 1100 miles of fiber optic cable. i worked with the governor, republicans and democrats. i'm in this race because i want to make a difference and i will put the interest of maine's people and to suggest that because you have values you belong to a team, they somehow don't care about people is just really outrageous. obviously, as you can see from tonight's debate, it doesn't really mean anything other than you don't have a group. >> moderator: we have to stop right there. danny dalton? dalton: dalton: that is why i got all the signatures myself. i talked to the people, 6000 people. what was said was the two-party system is broke and we are putting money ahead of values when it comes to our elected officials. parties are controlled by lobbyist groups such as the u.s. chamber of commerce. places like health care and also immigration refo
parts i think we move forward. repealing that wouldn't get us where we need to go which is medicare for all systems which make it much easier for employers to hire workers and provide health care for them because they would be paying a simple medical payroll tax. it hasn't proven to be true because there should be increased by from medical devices under the affordable care act the i'm not compelled by his arguments. >> ann marie buerkle, your chance for rebuttal. buerkle: they're going to left 10% of the workforce is indicative of the affordable care act. i was going to affect jobs and economy. our largest employers in our district, the affordable care act is going to dramatically impact medicare reimbursement to hospitals, to our physicians along with sequestration. of our hospitals are not alive and welcome you can have the most comprehensive health care plan in the world but if you don't have hospitals or physicians who will treat these patients, their health care system is going to fail miserably. so i would say absolutely we need to repeal the affordable care act for jobs and t
to take medicare, the medicare guarantee and turn it into a voucher which will cost seniors $6400 a year more. taking students and asking them to pay more for loans, cutting pell grants. it's taking middle class families and increasing their taxes -- >> moderator: i'm hearing you say the general sense of fairness, this 70/30 that you've come up with. congressman, you signed a pledge for grover norquist's americans for tax reform to never raise taxes, but now you're saying you would consider deficit reduction solutions that would include increased revenue. why the change? dold: well, certainly if you're going to lower rates or raise rates in one area, you've got to lower them in another. and i don't believe that raising taxes is necessarily the answer -- >> moderator: but you're now open to increased revenue, and two years ago -- i'm asking why the change? dold: because when i got to washington, things were worse than even i anticipated. what i am looking to try to do is solve these big problems. so i've come forth with an idea and a plan. certainly, i want to focus on my main street jobs
conversations] >> i regard medicare is not just a program, but i promise. i got to see how medicare worked at a very young age. they pay them throughout their working life. we have to strengthen and extend the privacy. but i would note that thompson supports a program to replace traditional medicare with a voucher. some people off of the private health insurance with a piece of paper that doesn't come up with costs. tough luck. shifting costs to seniors as was this regard to what the drug companies. >> medicare, ladies and gentlemen is going to go bankrupt in the year 2024. i do not want medicare to go bankrupt. i want to fix medicare, but i want to make sure seniors in america and wisconsin are detected. by the year 2000 will have a choice. i've never supported the voucher. what i support, mike, is a program that those individual states he and under and year 2020 will make that choice, do i. so want to go with medicare or with the employees benefit, all the people in congress. >> max, republican incumbent, frank guinta faces off against challenger, carol shea-porter, the first district se
of medicare and medicaid, social security and the interest on the national debt, all of those combined will exceed total govern unchecked government revenue by the year 2025. by 2040, 50% more than all the government collects in taxes. and that assumes that the tax collection levels will be about 20% of gdp, which is a big bet. and so, congresswoman ann marie buerkle. it's clear that taxes will get the job done come how you solve this problem? buerkle: thank you for hosting the event today. as evidence of what you showed us, we have a problem in this country. must we look at where money is going, right now the entitlement system and the way it is set up, they perpetuate themselves and they are not looked at. there are no changes being proposed and we know how dramatic medicare and medicaid spending is going up. it is a tremendous burden on her counting. we have to cut cabin balance will be cut spending and we kept our spending and we put a balanced budget and to place so that we have a spending plan. the problem is, that the senate has failed to take up the budget. it is very difficult
, and it is so draconian that it would require deep cuts in social security and medicare overtime. or we can embrace a balanced approach. that is what i support. i think we can go back to the kind of tax rates we had and the clinton administration, those upper income earners were doing well and the entire economy was growing. we are going to have to make some tough choices. a balanced approach is the only approach that i believe will get us there. >> heather, your rebuttal. >> it is amazing to me, congressman, that you can stand here having voted for trillion dollar deficits for the last four years. the largest, fastest debt increase in american history and say that we have to control spending. you have done nothing to control spending of the last four years, and with respect to cuts, cap, and balance it is amazing to me also that the idea of cutting wasteful spending, capping the ability of congress to spend money we don't have and balancing the budget is extreme. i think it would force congress to set priorities and stop funding things like solyndra and prioritize things like social securi
is in the meantime those people don't get expanded, mr. cragg doesn't think we should expand the medicare population they would go to the most expensive place of all which is the emergency department for a treatment. and in the meantime -- >> is that your analysis -- cragg: giving people medicaid doesn't keep them out of the emergency room. they might end up in the emergency room anyway. it's a matter of training and discussion and having an alternative place for them to go. what we are excited about extending the medicare population -- the medicaid population is because the federal government is to pay for the bulk of it to the but we have to pay for that ultimately come to mike. the this the expansion of the entitlement permit the federal level but the state government is just riding along as a free ride. markell: first wollman kpps the fact is in the meantime the folks do not have coverage, the cost the rest of us because there's something called uncompensated care and they don't have a place to go because nobody will pay for them so they go to the emergency department with hospitals where they a
for states to streamline the coordination. when people apply for the low income drug subsidy under medicare, they're also eligible for medicaid, wrap-around benefits potentially for snap, and there are pilots in some tates that are looking -- states that are looking to streamline between state benefits and federally-administered drug benefit under medicare. so, yes, i do think this is particularly important because low income seniors are -- and people with disabilities -- um, do have very low participation rates. and their benefits may be smaller, but when you package them all together, i think there's a big opportunity for improving people's well being. >> one more question? >> sure. you get the last call. >> hi. my name is sarah, i work with families usa. i have two questions for ms. rosenbaum. in addition to maryland, what other states are moving ahead with integrated applications not just within health coverage, be i across other programs? and then with the likelihood that the federal government will be significantly involved in, um, at least half of the states in terms of setting up th
and higher education versus my opponent's record of crippling debt, privatizing medicare and social security and defunding education. i offer you my history as a utah state senator and, in fact, minority leader for eight of of the ten years that i served. we need to collaborate with both parties to solve problems, produce a balanced budget. my vision of government is a common sense business approach by putting first the important issues on the front burner regardless of political consequences. best product, lowest price and best service. there's a clear difference between my opponent and myself tonight; 34 years at the ibm corporation with a reputation of working across the aisle while serving the utah state senate. thank you very much, and thank you for having us today. >> moderator: senator hatch. hatch: well, i'm honored to be here with all of you today, and i want to thank kued and kbyu for putting on this debate, want to thank you, doctor. look, our country's at a real crossroads. we're in real problems. there's no question about it. and we know that there's too much spending, there's t
. heinrich: my priorities are new mexico's priorities, protecting social security and medicare, tax cuts for the middle-class, keeping promises to veterans and making college more affordable for everyone. heather wilson has all the wrong priorities. you voted for the wall street bailout and the george bush tax cuts that exploded our deficit and now she wants even more tax breaks for millionaires. she supports 0 program called pat cap and balance that would require deep cuts to social security and medicare. i will never balance the budget on the backs of our seniors. medicare and social security argentine went. they're a promise we made to our seniors and a promise i intend to keep. i come home every weekend to meet with new mexicans, old job fairs, raise my family. i am always fought for the things that matter most to the people of the state and if you send me to the united states senate i will continue that fight and be honored to have your support. >> moderator: representative will some. it could 21 i see an opportunity society opposite safety net. i support social security and medicar
of americans and is so draconian that it would require deep cuts in social security and medicare over time. we can embrace a balanced approach. that is what i support. i think we can go back to the kind of tax rates we had under the clinton administration when those upper income earners were doing well and the entire economy was growing. we are going to have to make some tough choices and a balanced approach is the only approach i believe will get us there. >> heather, your rebuttal? >> it's amazing to me congressman heinrich that you can stand here having voted for a trillion dollar deficits for the last four years, the largest debt increase in american history and say that we have to control spending. you have done nothing to control spending over the last four years and with respect to cut gap and balance it's amazing to me also this idea of cutting wasteful spending, capping the ability of congress to spend money we don't have and balancing the budget is extreme. i think it would force congress to set priorities and s
and break the promise to medicare we had to i believe mitt romney has ideas as well. i'm not so my way or the highway that i can't look at people objectively and go with what i think is best to every issue that comes before me, my question will be, what's best for this district. that's how i've operated and i continued to do so as a member of congress next year. >> just to be quick on your voting for president obama? hochul: i've said that before, yes. >> okay. there is another question on the floor. other congresswoman to mr. koh, if you will. hochul: chris, i joined mitt romney, president obama, kirsten gillibrand come when the long and many others in full disclosure because i put transparency is important. full disclosure of personal tax return by putting them online so people know where money comes and. you have made my personal finances part of this campaign, fine. i'm open and transparent. but you've said that you don't think the voters could understand him is too complex for them to learn your 25 pages tax return. so why'd you think you should be held to a lower standard than ot
-span. >> i was raised by my grandparents. i got to see how medicare worked at a very young age, and it is -- they paid in throughout their working lives. we have to strengthen and extend its solvency. but i would note that tommy thompson supports a program to replace traditional medicare with a voucher. send people off to the private health insurance world with a piece of paper that doesn't keep up with costs. tough luck, it's out of their own pocket. shifting costs to seniors, as was the sweetheart deal with the drug companies, it's the wrong policy. >> medicare, ladies and gentlemen, is going to go bankrupt in the year 2024. i do not want medicare to go bankrupt. i want to fix medicare, but i want to make sure that seniors in america and wisconsin are protected. and only those that are going to be under the age of 50 by the year 2000 will have a choice -- not a voucher like she says. i have never supported the voucher. what i support, mike, is a program that those individuals that are 50 and under in the year 2020 will make a choice, do i still want to go with medicare, or do
are real. i mean, they're with us. i mean, medicare, medicaid, things that originally were thought to involve the expenditure of perhaps a few billion dollars suddenly are s--going at the rate of tens of billions of dollars, which no one really anticipated, but which a thoughtful person might have-not anticipated, but say at some point, 'we have to take another look and check it out.' so i will defend ronald reagan's economic policies. i think he's been given a raw deal by liberal publicists. c-span: you've got 493 total pages in your book. out of this, what would you say that you bel--you feel the strongest about when it comes to your beliefs and--and in order of importance? >> guest: i think that i feel strongest about those pages-and there aren't that many--which deal with my personal feelings and my personal beliefs about being a father, being a husband i think these came from the bottom of my spiritual depths, so to speak, and i have a personal relationship to those short articles that i don't have to a more philosophical article c-span: where do you write? where? >> guest: on
about cuba. this is not an issue he wants to talk to with the lexes, but talk about medicare, anything other than cuba because he's weak on this, and then by implication thought they would lose more seats, but he was not on the ballot because of the midterm election. republicans had been aiming to use this. senator keating from new york, most vocal, on the senate floor about every day saying, you know, there's missiles going to florida, refugee reports, administration turning a blind eye, attacking them for months on this. the issue had been sort of percolating for a long time, come up in september, kennedy had to put out press statements saying we know about the build up, but it's not a threat to us so it's fine. >> host: tougher because kennedy, himself, attacked nixon for being insufficient against castro two years earlier. republicans were happy to bring it up years later. >> guest: it's a public moment suddenly. the critics silence themselves. this is a moment to rally around the flag, and keating said the president has our full support, we're not going to, in this moment of crisi
. this is not an issue he wants to talk about it he wants to talk about medicare and anything other than cuba because he is very weak on this and the implication they thought the democrats might lose more seats even though he himself was not on the ballot being in the midterm election. so, republicans had been aiming to use this. she was one of the most vocal leading the charge on the senate floor saying there are missiles going to cuba we have refuge ev ports and the administration is just negligent and the had been attacking them for months. so the issue had been sort of percolating for a long time and the hit comeuppance of timber and had to put out press statements saying we know about the buildup but so far it isn't a threat so it's fine. >> host: kennedy himself had attacked nixon. they were perfectly happy to savage him. a guest of the missile crisis breaks all not sure 22nd is suddenly becomes a public moment. but critics silence themselves. this is a moment to rally in of the flag. even kenneth says the have our full support. you know, we are not going to and this moment of crisis jeopardize th
>> if they get filtered and get turned down for the states for medicare determination that would be opportunity to also inquire about interest itself, or actually frankly to look at snape information and sick are you already participating? if you are, which many of the people who are below 133% of poverty in the state will be, you may not need to ask for any additional information. many low income families don't file taxes, so the information, because they're not required to, they may not be required to file taxes. so snap information may be available in a way that you can fast-track their medicaid eligibility determination because they provided recent information to the snap agency picks i don't think that, that really complicates the opportunities for cordoning between snap and medicaid significantly. >> thank you very much. i am going to give our panelists an opportunity if any of you have closing remarks you would like to jump in with before rapid a. okay, thank you all very much for coming. [applause] >> today, "washington journal" looks at ohio as a battleground state. >> t
loans today are derived not higher education. the same year, medicare, the arts and humanities act, which creates the national endowment for the arts. the clean air act. the most important civil rights act in our history. it gives people of color power of the ballot and the immigration act, which opens the gates and our borders people all over the world and fundamentally changes the face and heart of america. this is in one single year. i will tell you is a presidential historian. there are those that would stake their entire domestic reputations on this one of those laws. lbj did all those things in one single year. in 1965. [applause] >> reading these books, reading both of these books, i was struck with such awe and admiration of these people. even with all of those lbj's foibles, which many of us are familiar with. i am a true believer for evermore afterwards. mike, would you talk a little bit about what ladybird accomplished? >> after her first accomplishment was to keep lyndon johnson thing while he was doing all of those great things. giving him a safe haven, if you will, an
's time when, particularly after this woman one in upstate new york taking the seat on medicare platform basically. and it looks like that was going to be the winning argument, to simply to say that the republicans we will end the medicare guaranteed, but now that does not seem sufficiently potent to get them the majority. >> i want to take the moderator at the texas book festival prerogative and ask you about one particular texas congressman who you write about in this book. one of those freshmen elected 2010 from corpus christi. a very instead to die. if you pay attention to the congressional delegation he certainly is more interesting and more fun to write about and more fun to cover the others. why did you pick on them? and why did you take him to write about? and would you talk about him for this group? >> many of you are texans know the name, but noted in a different context. his grandmother is a liberal icon. did not give his politics from his grandmother. an entrepreneur, and somewhat of an accidental congressman. he ran in 2010 as the texas congressional district that includes c
is whether to adopt a state medicare exchange. it's very specific if the state does not adopt a state health care exchange, two things occurred. the tax credit the individual employees may qualify for don't go to that state and consequential we neither does the employer penalty for failing to provide health insurance. the irs this regard that language this year and said they were going to enforce the penalty. in all states with the health care exchange had been adopted or not oklahoma up until now has not adopted the exchange. we have amended some of you in this room know this but when the -- when i was elected in january, sworn in in january 2011 oklahoma filed a separate action in addition to virginia and the proceeding in florida because we had a constitutional amendment that we adopted with respect to the affordable care act so they might after the supreme court decision came down in june of this year. after it came down we amended our complete and we have now added a claim dealing with this issue under the affordable care act and the alliance must rule on may 18th to preserve the policy
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)